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Convenient packages of ALL the required supplies for string players in the GCMS orchestra.  Just choose your package and everything you need is on the way to your home, at an unbeatable price!  Quantum Bass Center is proud to be a long-time supporter of the award-winning George Carlin Middle School Orchestra - go Pundits and Pundettes!

Violin Supplies Package [GCMS]

So, now you're a violinist enrolled at George Carlin Middle School - great, now you need some Stuff! Get all the Stuff your exhausted, underpaid orchestra teacher needs you to have so she doesn't have to remind you every day until she gives up on your orchestra ever sounding good or winning anything. All it takes is a few articles of Stuff to save your orchestra from the repressive forces of entropy. Just order it, already! Look at all the fancy stuff you get! A BOOK - not just any book, but the famed Orchestra Expressions - just for violin (no alto clef reading required - they make it easy for you). A music stand - uber convenient! A metronome (meh - time is just a concept, but it's required, so just roll with it). And back-to-nature Rosin (AKA tree sap) this can be good or bad, depending on whether you've been playing without rosin for years in orchestra so no one can hear you).

ALL THIS delivered to your home for one jaw-dropping low price, in time for school! No waiting! Show up a hero on the very first day, with all your Stuff, and your orchestra will be on its way to that Region trophy! It's all up to you!

Our Price: $59.99
Viola Supplies Package [GCMS]

Required items for violists enrolled at George Carlin Middle School

Our Price: $59.99
Cello Supplies Package [GCMS]

Required items for cellists enrolled at George Carlin Middle School. Supply package includes (what else) STUFF, just as George Carlin specified. Never mind what the violinists get - their stuff is ****, while your **** is stuff. YOUR supply package includes fancy French nail clippers, cinnamon dental floss, and Afrin 12-hour decongestant nasal spray - plus this glorious 'Stoppin' floor protector for your cello endpin, in Blue (school colors). Pundit (and Pundette) pride, y'all! This is no stingy, small version of the 'Stoppin' floor protector - this is the generous, the ample, the Earth-motherly overflowing cornucopia of floor protectors, the Large.

Just a couple of clicks and all the Stuff you need to participate in George Carlin Middle School orchestra as a cellist is ceremonially conveyed to your door! No red-faced shame on the first day of school when everyone else has their Stuff and you don't. No shameful resorting to Amazon (the economy-wrecking WalMart of the air) to order your Stuff from multiple faceless, maternal-basement-dwelling drop-shippers and pay more in shipping than the Stuff is worth! No waiting in line at a pompous violin shop for crabby employees to deign to tell you that you waited too long and your Stuff is out of stock! Make your beleaguered orchestra teacher happy and order from Quantum Bass Center's unique, sleek, and classy Orchestra Supplies Package program (or, as we Pundits/Pundettes call it, "Orchestra Stuff Program"). Make George proud and do this.

Our Price: $59.99
Bass Supplies Package [GCMS]

Required items for bassists enrolled at George Carlin Middle School

Our Price: $59.99