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Here you will find new instruments and bows we regularly stock. We are very pleased and proud to be stocking dealers for such fine workshops as:

Carbow of France
Schaeffer of Brazil
Marco Raposo of Brazil
Dorfler, Seifert, and Schicker of Germany
JonPaul Bows

Although we stock numerous models regularly, each individual bow we accept into inventory is play-tested by professional bassists. Bows in the upper categories are available for a 7-day approval period, and our professional players on staff are available to consult with you on your bow needs and the playing characteristics of all our bows!

Don't see one of your favorites? Feel free to inquire - we always have more and unique bows, as our inventory changes daily. For our one-of-a-kind, fine, and vintage instruments and bows,
click here. Choosing a bow? View some fundamental info on bows from our fine supplier JonPaul.

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JonPaul, Pernambuco, silver mounted French bow Pernambuco German bow by JonPaul Bows, from Quantum Bass Center JonPaul Fusion carbon/pernambuco French bow
Very responsive, lots of detail in the sound, amazing for the price! Consistently chosen over many more-expensive European-made German bows Carbon-fiber bow with pernambuco veneer
JonPaul Ruby Matrix carbon-fiberFrench bow German bass bow, 1/16 size at Quantum Bass French bass bow, 1/16 size at Quantum Bass
Bow, bass, German, 1/16 size for realz!
Our Price: $79.00
(Out of Stock)
Bow, bass, French, 1/16 size for realz!
Our Price: $79.00
(Out of Stock)
The great-playing JonPaul carbon-fiber bow in a dark ruby color True to scale 1/16 size German bow. Not only is it impossibly adorable, it plays great! True to scale 1/16 size French bow. Not only is it impossibly adorable, it plays great!
Glasser Premium fiberglass bass bows at QBC Arcos Brasil carbon-fiber bass bows at QBC Bow, bass, JonPaul Noir**, French, carbon fiber
Bow, French, carbon fiber, Arcos Brasil
Our Price: $369.00
(Out of Stock)
Premium version (wire wrap) name brand Glasser fiberglass French bow Sleek, well-balanced, and responsive, the Arcos Brasil carbon-fiber French bow feels very nice in the hand, with a very nice-quality leather grip. Holy darkness! Brand new model from the workshop of JonPaul Bows, these are a black woven carbon fiber bass bow that totally outclasses the popular Matrix model. Single-figured eye, fancy winding, nickel mounted.