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NEW LOWER PRICES! Since the day we opened our doors, we have made it our mission to offer beginners and students the best instruments, strings, and bows to facilitate their most rapid progress. We have ALWAYS provided superior rental outfits with upgraded strings, carbon-fiber or wood bows (instead of fiberglass), premium bow hair on ALL our rehairing at no extra charge, and padded bags for our cellos and basses (rather than just covers). We install inlaid position markers on our fingerboards, to facilitate learning accurate intonation without the use of sticky tapes. We also have NEVER charged extra for renting brand new instruments!! We have always fulfilled rental requests on a first-come, first-serve basis, giving brand-new instruments to the very next requester, without asking them to wait for a used one to become available. Our monthly rental prices have always been within a couple of dollars of the other options in our region - yet, feedback from the parents of beginners strongly recommended that price-matching was the most important factor to them. Secondly, parents wanted the option to reserve our brand-new instruments.

You asked - we listened. We've just lowered our prices on our Used instruments, and added scaled pricing to reserve New instruments, as well. We wish to assure you we will continue to provide value-added, upgraded features - even on the lower-priced instruments, we will not start renting fiberglass bows, using "student" grade bow hair, or setting the instruments up with cheaper strings. As always at QBC, the students' progress comes first, and we will not take away features at any price.

We are also adding a Premium Protection Package which covers your instrument in incidences our current protection package does not.

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