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Strings and accessories for cello, gamba, and electric bass at Quantum Bass Center - Houston's resource center for bass and full-service stringed instrument shop!
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Stoppin End Pin Anchor D'Addario EXL170 strings from Quantum Bass Center strings for NS Design electric upright basses:
Endpin Anchor "Stoppin"
Our Price: $13.29
Sale Price: $11.49
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Stoppin End Pin Anchor Floor Protector is very effective and easy to use. D'Addario's best-selling bass set and the standard for most electric basses. Specialized strings for NS Design electric upright basses.
Kaplan 4/4 cello strings, medium, from Quantum Bass Center Orchestra Expressions, Book One Stoppin End Pin Anchor - Blue
Orchestra Expressions, Book One
Our Price: $8.99
4 in stock!
Endpin Anchor "Stoppin" - Blue
Our Price: $11.50
(Out of Stock)
Kaplan cello strings are a popular choice, and one of the few matched sets that receive 'thumbs-up' remarks from cellists. An exciting first year class method book for violin, viola, cello and bass written by four of the best and most widely renowned String Music Educators in the United States of America! Stoppin End Pin Anchor Floor Protector is very effective and easy to use.
Kolstein Supreme Cello Rosin Push-on Rubber Endpin Stopper R&M violin rosin
Rosin, Cello, Kolstein Supreme
Our Price: $11.99
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Endpin Stopper, rubber, push-on, small
Our Price: $2.99
(Out of Stock)
Rosin (violin, viola, cello), dark
Our Price: $2.49
7 in stock!
Exceptional cello rosin for grip as well as broad, smooth tone. Original replacement for Gotz endpins - also fits our spiked wood endpins Our best-selling violin/viola rosin