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  • Belcanto Bass Strings

    Thomastik Belcanto Strings for Double Bass and Upright Bass
  • Corelli Bass Strings

    Corelli 370 Medium strings, produced in France by Savarez, have a thinner gauge and are super easy to play. These strings are great for beginners, as they require very little effort to produce a good sound.

  • Eudoxa Bass Strings

    Eudoxa silver-wrapped genuine gut bass strings by Pirastro are an extremely elegant choice for either jazz or orchestral playing.

  • Eurosonic Bass Strings

    Eurosonic strings offer a great left-hand feel, ample sustain and good response. Beautifully made and well finished. A great choice for bluegrass, slap and acoustic jazz! - Handmade in Poland.

  • Evah Pirazzi 'Slap' Bass Strings

    Evah Pirazzi Slap Bass Strings feature plain-core (choice of gut or synthetic) G and D, and wound synthetic A and E in the set. A very reasonably-priced high-quality set for jazz playing.

  • Evah Pirazzi Bass Strings

    The Evah Pirazzi string is possibly the best on the market for 'crossover' players who play both classical and jazz. Lending ample volume to the bass without adding excess tension, Evah Pirazzi strings give a flexible feel to the left hand, and an elegant sound. Browse our collection of Evahs!

  • Flat-Chromesteel Bass Strings

    Pirastro Flat-Chromesteel Double Bass strings have a very clear and brilliant sound, and are especially suited for arco and soloistic playing.

  • Flexocor Bass Strings

    Pirastro Flexocor strings are a long-standing favorite and come in three varieties: Flexocor (maroon winding - this category), ORIGINAL Flexocor (dark purple winding), and Flexocor Deluxe (red/white winding). Only slightly confusing, and each version is quite different in character. Flexocor (this category) have an extremely clean and beautiful sound on the upper (G and D) strings. On smaller or low-tension basses, the E string can be a little lackluster, but if your bass sounds too wired-up with Original (Purple) Flexocor, this version made be ideal.

  • Flexocor Deluxe Bass Strings

    Flexocor Deluxe is a remarkable new addition to the Pirastro line. They are fairly high tension, with substantial volume output, and lighting-fast response. Designed for orchestral and arco solo playing.

    What strings will work best for your playing and your bass? Try our interactive BASS STRINGS CHOOSER
  • Helicore Bass Strings

    Click here to browse our collection of Helicore Strings. The best-selling double bass strings from D'Addario - made in USA.

  • Jazzer Bass Strings by Pirastro

    Jazzer Bass Strings by Pirastro are a very open and warm-sounding synthetic string, very easy to play, and which also respond nicely to arco playing.

  • Kaplan Bass Strings

    Click here to browse our collection of Kaplan Strings! D'Addario Kaplan strings are USA made, very moderately priced, and are most compatible with high-end basses - those which have a very good natural tone and already have a lot of resonance.

  • Obligato Bass Strings

    If you want a quality, reliable jazz string for a very reasonable price, Obligato is a great choice. They are highly recommended as an excellent pizz string. They can bring out tremendous volume and power in a bass.

  • Original Flat-Chrome Bass Strings

    Investing in Original Flat-Chrome strings can bring many basses to a higher level of tone and response. The sound is classy, sleek, and expansive.

  • Original Flexocor Bass Strings

    Pirastro Original Flexocor rope core steel strings are especially suitable for arco. Original Flexocor offers brilliant sound, while providing short sustain.

  • Passione Bass Strings

    Pirastro Passione bass strings offer a warm sound and quick response for orchestral playing. The solo strings are very nice-sounding and easy to play. Choose from our selection of Passione varieties here.

  • Prelude Bass Strings

    Prelude Bass Strings by D'Addario are USA made and offer excellent quality in their price range. Nice wide tonal range, good response and sustain, and one of the best fractional sets on the market. Choose from our selection of Prelude bass strings here!

  • Spirocore Bass Strings

    Volume, sustain, and durability make Thomastik Spirocore bass strings one of the most popular ever manufactured. Choose from our varieties of Spirocore strings here!

  • Superior Bassworks Bass Strings

    Superior Bassworks Nylon Strings are very well-engineered and an incredible value! Choose from our varieties of Superior Bassworks strings here.

  • Zyex Bass Strings

    D'Addario Zyex bass strings - Multi-fiber core and well-adjusted tension provide excellent pitch stability, fast break-in time, and gut-like tone combined with power and clarity. Choose your Zyex strings from Quantum Bass Market here!

    What strings will work best for your playing and your bass? Try our interactive BASS STRINGS CHOOSER
  • Superflexible Bass Strings

    Superflexible bass strings by Thomastik are one of the oldest brands on the market, and remain a great choice, offering long sustain, ample volume, and excellent durability. Choose your Superflexible bass strings from Quantum Bass Market here.

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