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Here you'll find our select inventory of tried-and-tested products to enhance your life as a bassist.
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Select cases for basses and bows at the very best prices anywhere.
Quality manufactured bass endpins and parts, plus our shop-made wood endpins.
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The best-working brands of bass rosin.
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Double Bass Tailpieces
Select A-grade ebony and rosewood tailpieces for double bass
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Intelli IMT-301 Metronome and Tuner with Temperature/Hygrometer Meter Intelli IMT-301 Metronome and Tuner with Temperature/Hygrometer Meter

Loudest, cheapest metronome on the market. Take it from us, this bad boy/girl does everything.

Our Price: $34.99
(Out of Stock)
Wiedoeft Bass Rosin Wiedoeft Bass Rosin - FREE USA SHIPPING!

For a limited time - FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on this item!

An exciting new option for bassists! Wiedoeft Rosin, among the most popular in the first half of the 20th century, was off the market for 57 years. It has just been re-introduced, and has been re-formulated for the demands of modern playing and equipment. Initial play-testing shows it to be long-wearing on the bow hair, and smooth sounding (not gritty). We'll have more details as we play it over a longer period of time.

List Price: $38.00
Our Price: $28.00
Savings: $10.00
9 in stock!
: Why don't I find bridge blanks (unfitted bridges) on your web store?
A: We strongly encourage players to have bridges properly fitted to their instruments by a bass luthier - choosing the correct size and cut (pattern) of the bridge is essential, and there are many details to bridge-fitting that drastically affect the function of the instrument. QBC uses the highest-quality French maple Despiau bridges almost exclusively. If your local luthier is unable to obtain Despiau bridges, or the right size or cut for your bass, please feel free to contact us to purchase the bridge you need.